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minusbat and I have very different attitudes to LJ. He thinks it is weird and creepy that I have people on my flist that I have never met in real life. For him LJ is an extension of UPG and stuff that I wot not of and a tool for keeping up to date (not that he does) with his extended network of stapler wielding goth chums. When he first lured me on to LJ I very gradually acquired a flist comprising him, godgirl, a couple of my friends that I lured on to LJ and a random bunch of strangers I acquired by posting odd bits of ranting and writing on various communities. It was great.

minusbat warned me about making friends online, about the spurious nature of virtual intimacy. In the case of the FURP his warnings were spot on. I have, however, made an amazing range of real life friends via LJ. And I have also maintained - and strengthened - my links with a number of the people I may well never meet but still enjoy reading. There are some I don't even really interact with, but I know we still read each other's journals assiduously and enjoy the scope to glimpse into the lif of a sympathetic other.

And the point of these circumlocutions? I'm becoming somewhat disenchanted with LJ. My f-list is too long. I am wasting time skimming sections of it and not spending enough time commenting on the bits that seem comment-worthy. I know lots of people who use filters to read LJ, but I have always thought that was a bit naff, really. So I am going to have a cull. This will be mostly of people I know vaguely in real life but don't really see that often or with whom I have nothing much in common. It is NOT a subject for drama of any kind. If I have an actual problem with someone, I will tell them, as some of you are already aware. I just want to go back to enjoying LJ as much as I did a couple of years ago.

As well as a cull this is also an amnesty because I shan't mind in the least if anyone knocks me off their f-list.
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