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if the cap is probably the only part of your outfit that does

Apparently there has drama-llamaing on elsewhere on LJ about something I wrote. At first I was miffed about this as the drama wasn't on my journal. Harrumph. Then it occurrred to me that I never have drama on my LJ because I don't have any fusstules or pishmongers on my friendslist. Go me, and indeed, go you, gentle and exclusive readers.

The fuss was, perhaps inevitably, about my recent list of mirror rules for goths. Inevitable because self-identifying goth types always get huffy if you comment on the way they look, even though membership of their subculture is predicated almost exclusively on dress and appearance. There are those who will claim it is all about the music and the mindset. You only have to go to Whitby Goth Weekend to see how secondary or even irrelevent the music is to the scene for most of its adherents. The mindset, as far as I can tell, is exactly the same as all the other nice white middle class liberals I know; largely the same politics, same tendency to dinner parties and tea-drinking, same degree of alternative/kinky sex (but with a lot more fuss and show about it). The only real marker of identity and belonging is dress and hair, yet comment negatively on something that people elect to do to set themselves deliberately apart from what they disparage as 'the mainstream' and sensitive types get all offended and start bleating about the need to be able to express themselves freely. If one is reliant on ill-fitting pvc for self-expression I suspect one probably hasn't got much self to express.

As for the charge that I was dressing up animosity to individuals as social commentary? My animosity is always very direct and generally reserved for those instances/individuals actually worthy of it. Some people should really try to accept that they are not the only minger in the village.
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