Rosamicula (rosamicula) wrote,

the dead hand of democracy

Well many of you seemed to enjoy the sorry tale of my misadventure in the supermarket yesterday. Unfortunately my life has been filled with similarly ludicrous moments. So now you have a choice of four to chose from and I will recount the one that proves most popular later today.

Poll #1126605 you're an embarrassment

So you have achoice of embarrassing tales today, gentle readers. Which would you prefer?

A. A shocking tale about Steer and some custard ?
B. An even more shocking tale about Steer and a supermarket?
C. A truly cringe-inducing tale about me and a heinous murder?
D. Another cringeworthy episode involving me and a natural disaster?

In other news I thought I had spilt tea on my keyboard, but it appears to be blood leeching from my one of the holes in my abdomen. I really hope steer never wants this laptop back.
Tags: embarrassment, itcouldonlyhappentome, polls
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