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Getting a guitar programme together for this year. May keep a few pieces from last year, probably 'Julia Florida' by Barrios and 'Drume Negrita' by Brouwer; also perhaps a couple of the Lauro valses. Was thinking of playing Britten's 'Nocturnal' but maybe not at this time; instead, as 'the' more substantial piece in the programme I may play Bach's lute suite BWV 997. Also Brouwer's 'Landscape with Bells'.

Now, playing is not a problem... but getting gigs is...

Apart from this, one of my pupils just did his Grade 8 exam, at which he should have done well; have two other pupils preparing their Grade 8, which is quite stimulating..

waitingI said to my soul, be still and
wait without hope,
for hope would be hope for the wrong thing;
wait without love,
for love would be love of the wrong thing;
there is yet faith,
but the faith and the love are all in the waiting.
Wait without thought,
for you are not ready for thought:
So the darkness shall be the light,
and the stillness the dancing.
(T.S. Eliot)
A friend's child is suddenly obsessed with Batman. So I'm looking for some recommendations for Batman collections that would be suitable.

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Driving Around Aimlessly

The picture framer is a refugee from Sheffield. He escaped from a steel mill in 1992 and has no wish to go back again- not that there are any steel mills to go back to now.

I picked up a pocket edition of The Canterbury Tales in a charity shop in Faversham.  I read a page of the Pardoner's Prologue yesterday evening to see if I could still deal with Middle English and apparently I still can. I wonder now whether I have whatever it takes to read the whole book from beginning to end.

Our satnav found us some wonderfully narrow roads to follow. She usually does. We kept having to pull into the ditch. At one point not one but two enormous container lorries came swinging out of an orchard from behind a 15ft hedge and bore down on us; that was a really tight squeeze.

Ailz likes to end our weekly jaunts with a cream tea. Yesterday we sourced her one at Lenham- in a grade II listed, 15th century tea shop. Lenham has a  huge village square with lime trees. Narrow your eyes so you're not seeing architectural detail and you might almost be in Normandy. Ailz tells me (I don't know how she knows) that the authorities are planning to raise the tone by adding 1,500 new houses.

Sleepy morning

I think Andrew must have an itch somewhere.

But since he's asleep and his hand is resting on my hip, he's scratching my hip instead.

Very gently. It's sort of cute. I can't help thinking it feels like he's trying to look after me, even though I know it's just coincidence.

Today I Am Going To ...

Cranbrook, which has a leisure centre called Fusion Leisure in which i am doing an exit poll survey.

Cranbrook is  a lovely village or small town but the job i am doing i do not fancy doing much as they want 30 interviews as a minimum for the shift and last bus back is at six this evening. So  i shall do  my best and sod them if they don't like it.

Perhaps i will have a chance to peruse charity shops there/

Sixties Soul

A couple of sixties soul classics for your earlobes. First off is this smooth groove fro Brook Benton.

They called him the Iceman due to his cool delivery, a track by Jerry Butler and Mr Dream Merchant.



"And then there was...that guy..." haggis said, snapping her fingers to indicate it was on the tip of her tongue. We were watching a BBC documentary about chemistry.

"Lavoisier?" I said.

"Yes!" she said.

We chattered on about the topic under discussion on the TV -- Joseph Priestley (I'm so glad diffrentcolours said he confuses him with J.B. Priestley, too, because I always worry it's just me who does that...) and his "dephlogisticated air" -- for a few seconds.

Until Jim Al-Khalili said, "...Antoine Lavoisier..." on the TV, and diffrentcolours said "Yeah, Lavoisier, you guys just said that. You keep saying everything they say, like ten seconds before they do."

I thought that was a very nice compliment.

(Especially after I'd forgotten a few of the stages in how increasingly-heavier elements are made at the cores of stars, thanks to diffrentcolours telling me about this awesome version of the 2048 game. Gordy, my college astronomy teacher, would've been most disappointed in me for forgetting about deuterium, and the different isotopes of beryllium.)


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