Rosamicula (rosamicula) wrote,

I'm only happy when it rains...

Left Waterloo station this afternoon and it was raining as I walked along Waterloo road. Then the rain vanished and the sun came out and lit up the rainy street with brilliant clarity. Then it slid behind a cloud that bombed - yes bombed - hailstones. Huge ones. Then they vanished, so slowly and gradually that though they had stopped landing on me, halfway down Waterloo road, I could still see a curtain of them falling on the frownedabout at the end. Magical!

I bet that never happens in California. You can probably tell I'm revived, rested - and rebuked - after my night with Tiggertastic. Details to follow, but I'm off to chez Minusbat to try on pvc dresses first...
Tags: kharin, london, rain
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