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have them washed and brought to my tent

I've just spent an hour lying on my sofa drinking wine and eating figs and dormice* watching Rome. It started very well, with lots of lovely disciplined, short haired Roman soldiers subjugating lots of nasty, smelly, beardy, long-haired Frenchman and I knew it would be my kind of drama.

It was rather racy, and generally very pretty to look at, especially the sexy naked red-head (all the women seemed to have dyed red hair, but too many of them had that frightwig-hag-at-a goth-night-ginger-dye look). There was also some pleasing animal sacrifice involving the sexy redhead being bathed in blood.

It was, inevitably, far too pacy and oversimplified, with Attia, Mark Anthony and Octavian mere caricatures. But, lordy, the soldiers made up for it, especially the two who had to retrieve Julius Caesar's standard. I'd love to be the filling in that sandwich.

*Oh alright, I lied about the dormice.
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