Rosamicula (rosamicula) wrote,

Doctor Why?

Hmm. I watched last week's Doctor Who and I just caught the end of this week's and I have to admit to finding David tennant a most unsatisfactory Doctor. In his showdown with Lumic he exhibited not one trace of charisma or conviction. In the ensemble sections he just doesn't stand out as the striking, extraordinary, other-worldly figure he should be. This is very poor show given that is has got a pair of mundane sub-Eastenders chavs as his foils. I can't understand why, because David Tennant is a very fine actor - he was the one redeeming element of the recent docudrama about the Lady Chatterly Trial.

And why all this dreary, sentimental cobblers about families? No one in Doctor Who had families when I was little. That was a crucial part of its appeal; the fact that is was not like ordinary life. And who in their right bloody mind gives up a life of time-travelling intergalactic adventure to de-commission a load of flare-wearing Metal Mickies and look after his gran?

And next week we are going to get mind-bending TVs and Churchill - evil, controlling mass media instruments and more wardrobe-friendly bits of history. The new series seem neither to push any boundaries or respect the traditions of the original.

I wll be using my 'norks' icon as my default for a while - purely in the interests of free speech (technically free gurgling and sucking) :
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