Rosamicula (rosamicula) wrote,

new words, same old lunatics

Some neologisms. This entry is dedicated to margotmetroland who often has to be fizzically restrained from harming others less fortunate than herself.

Prombie (noun) (specific to London in August): Someone who develops a zombie-like determination to attend all the Proms concerts they possibly can regardless of the content.

Gique (noun): a gathering of role-players, fans of poor quality US sci-fi, programmers etc who form a subset at a social gathering and loudly repeat in-jokes to one another. They assume the other people think they are cool, but in fact others look on with mingled horror at their gormlessness and relief at their tendency to self-select.

Polly-amory (noun), and Polly-amorous (adjectives): The tendency among some members of the poly crowd to parrot incessantly about the fact of their polyness or drag it into conversations about something else entirely, e.g. "Yeah I saw that programme, too. I watched it while my boyfriend (pause for effect) was worming my husband's (pause even longer) cat the other day" or "That's funny, one of my girlfriendsssssssssss has exactly the same bic biro as you!"

Goodbye Kitty (noun): a person, usually female, who believes that mimicking some of the characteristics of a cat - mewing, purring, icky little rubbing gestures - will make them appear cute, fey and eccentric, but actually makes normal well-adjusted adults want to forcefeed them Happy Shopper tinned catfood, shove their faces in a litter tray or simply stove in their cranium with a blunt instrument.

Infurryation (noun), and Infurryated, Infurryating (adjectives): The feeling of irritation and revulsion engendered by the pompous and absurd declarations of those who believe they have the souls and characteristics of animals, pokemon characters, cornflake packets etc. E.g. "Ooh, please move over! You are sitting on my psychic horse-tail!" or "Someone laughed at me on the Tube so I unfurled my arsetral wings at them". See above entry on Goodbye Kitty for comment re crania and blunt instruments.

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