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This entry was brought to you by the forces of housework avoidance

Idle-minded Thought of the Day: If transport systems were major works of European literature, the Northern Line would be Waiting for Godot.

Today's Neologisms:

meanderthal: Someone so cretinously stupid that they are unable to simultaneously walk a city street and use their mobile phone to phone the office to give them their precise geographical co-ordinates / book a pregnancy test / tell their mate how many pints of chaveau neuf de piss they downed the night before; yet another example of the unfortunate outcome of modern medicine and welfare systems interfering with the processes of natural selection.

hypoclit, hypoclitical: A female fauxmosexual (technically one of yesterday's neologisms).

I've been South of the Thames too long Moment of the Day: Waiting (impatiently) for Godot and snapping at a particularly odious ticket inspector, "Talk to the face! The tits aren't listening!"

Pressing Question of the Day What on earth did people on the Autism/Asperger's Scale do for a living before jobs in IT were invented?

The New Black Pointless Analogy of the Day Are Goths the New Chavs? If so, is Lip Service the New Burberry? Or are New Goths just Old Chavs with cheaper clothes and worse make-up?
Tags: displacement activities, goth-mocking, london, neologisms
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