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but to be young is very heavy

I am enjoying LJ at the moment as you all seem to be posting interesting stuff and intriguing glimpses into things; photos and stories and interesting tangentials about Johnny Cash songs. I also learned that there is now a guard posted on Jim Morrison's tomb in Pere Lachaise in Paris. This is presumably to prevent ditzy Californians from trying to chip off bits of stone as souvenirs and dodgy Mancunians from trying to dig him up and smoke him.

I was actively displacing idly browsing LJ the other day and happened upon these two journals, written by a couple of first year students at King's College in 2004. They are both very brief. I found the unwitting comedy of them brilliant. I don't know if you will agree.

The effect is best if you scroll back to the beginning of bytheskies journal (only a couple of entries) and then read up. Only when you've read that should you go and check out her friend Isobel/likeawinter's journal via the handy link. The comments on likeawinter's last entry are priceless.
Tags: idleness, lj, procrastination
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