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March 7th, 2004

The views from my flat are much improved by sporadic sunlight, but sadly they give me yet another reason to idle on the balcony when I should be marking, or writing, or tidying up the student-level squalor I have managed to generate in Gavalu's absence.

There was other stuff I meant to mention yesterday, such as my delightful night with FannyAnnie on Friday at the Turkish baths at the Porchester Centre. It's a great place for people watching. Most of the clientele are middle-aged middle eastern women who evidently dress very modestly the rest of the time, but scamper around unselfconsciously when naked in an all-female environment. The Brits, most of them fittish professional types who getting ready for Friday nights out, will happily wear scanty club wear but are not all that comfortable in the buff. They have a sort of desperate "I'm totally cool about this - I'm naked in a public place, but I'm modern and I watch sex and the city and it doesn't bother me at all except that I AM NAKED IN A PUBLIC PLACE" air about them. They go to ridiculous lengths to avoid looking at other people too.

We missed out part of our usual circuit of sauna, hotter sauna, cold plunge pool and steam as it was too damn cold to plunge. We managed half a nannosecond before running out squealing like girlies. Our nipples were so erect Black and Decker could have patented them as diamond drillling tools.

Very fine tapas afterwards, except that with all this dieting and detoxing I am such a cheap date that I was pissed on two glasses of wine. Much talk of men and money - why neither of us can get our hands on as much as either as we'd like, as often as we'd like and why both run out so quickly when we do. More talk of books, and conspiracies to destroy the Evil Nedhru (n.b. gentle readers, this is not a reference to any kind of RPG, it is reference to the prickdribble of a boss Annie still works for) and the potential for persuading the delightful Claribella to come over to the Dark Side.


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