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September 1st, 2004

Rosa's Birthday Honours List

Drum roll... envelopes opened... hold your breath...

The St Peter Award for Shaking her Head and Smiling whilst Keeping a Tally of Rosa's Sins and Indiscretions goes to: stickette

The Edamame Camus Award for Stream-of-Consciousness Involving References to Oriental Foodstuffs goes to: godgirl

The Mini-Me Award for Potential to Become a Glamorous Gin-Soaked Harridan goes to: ladycat

The Roguish Uncle Award for Dispensing Sound Advice with a Sardonic Smile goes to: kharin

The George Smiley Award for Being the Most Intriguing Person on Rosa's F-List goes to: rosaphile

The Doodling da Vinci Award for Best Usericon goes to: mcdoyle

The Too-Much-Information Award for being Almost as Saucy as Rosa goes to: beemagic

The Golden Keyboard Award for Best-Written Fan-Fic goes to: juanitadark

The Oxygen Tank Award for Utter Indispensability goes jointly to: stickette, minusbat and tiggertastic

The Lady Chatterley Award for Gamekeeping goes to: davywavy

The Longsuffering Dad Award for Dealing With Rosa's Distressing Welsh Life Admin Without Complaining goes to: tiggertastic

The E-Peeping Voyeur Award for Providing Tantalising Glimpses into Another's Life goes to: slutfish

The Mini-Me Award for Potential to Become a Glamorous Gin-Soaked Harridan goes to: ladycat

The Mysterious One Kidneyed Sushi-Fish Award for Fine Food and Conversation goes to: minusbat

The I Feel Like Chicken Tonight Award for Being so Young and Fresh and Smart I want to Bite Them goes to: thomppw and lordofabstract

The Scott of the Antarctic Award for Delightfully Dogged Persistence in Face of Near-Insuperable Odds goes to: davywavy

The Harleyan Miscellany for Most Unexpected and Entertaining Mixture of Topics to Post About goes to: strange_complex

In other news: The Parrot of Absurdity has struck again - via one of his henchman - the wasp I sat on (yes, sat on, so it stung my arse, now STOP laughing, it's not THAT funny) when I was getting ready to go out for dinner last night. Sigh


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