September 16th, 2011

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post but not quite modern

Today I have been trapped in the not-so-late twentieth century. Virgin have been doing arcane things to our services so we had no broadband/phone/TV all day. We get virtually no phone signal in this flat (unless we do a strange little dance in the garden) so I have been incommunicado all day.

I went to a coffee shop to use their wifi with my blackberry and half my emails didn't send. Sigh. Why I do I never have the right kind of smartphone?

I'd like to say I did all sorts of wonderful productive things with no radio or internet to distract me, but in fact I fell asleep for most of the afternoon.

I didn't even listen to music much, because I was reduced to using iTunes on the laptop, which despite having 17 days of music on it, all of which I have chosen, didn't have anything I could imagine wanting to listen to. I have become used to decide what I want to listen to, then finding it on Spotify, not looking at a prescribed list and choosing from it. The way I think about music has changed, horribly. The thought of deciding on an LP, taking it out of its cover, lifting it on to a turntable and placing the needle arm onto it, like I used to with the Dansette I had as a kid, is just, well, unheimlich, now.

I am still analogue enough to feel a faint twinge of alarm when I pause music on my computer, though. I am sure I will cause something to overheat, somewhere. Or stretch some non-existent tape.

This post has been brought to you by the commitment to post something every day. Never mind the quality, baby, feel the bandwith.