December 14th, 2011

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popular science

Last night, thanks to itsjustaname's generosity as a result of silentetx being poorly, wardytron and I went to see the Uncaged Monkeys show at the Hammersmith Apollo.

Blimey, the crowd were well-behaved and geeky. This was a shame in some ways, because I think both Robin Ince and Josie Long could do with performing before a crowd that was a bit more Glasgow Empire and a bit less Radio 4. Josie Long definitely needs to have some abuse, orange peel and possibly broken glass thrown at her. The resultant ducking might have made her schtick funny, rather than like being pestered by a shouty drunk on the last train home. At least she stood fairly still, whereas everyone else bounded up and down the stage nervously, whilst sweating and shouting. Perhaps tehy need to find a better dealer.

The sciency bits were great, especially the video montage of the Apollo space missions. The fact that they were preaching to the extremely converted, though, did make it feel a tiny bit like being at a Moonies convention. I'm pretty sure Ben Goldacre could have dropped the phrase 'This morning I buggered and eviscerated a newborn and then ate its entrails' into his tirade and immediately got an approving cheer from the audience.

It's possibly a testament to my essential frivolity, but during the Apollo video - prefaced by a really heartfelt introduction and at points deeply moving - I was distracted by the thought of just how insanely cool my hair would look in zero gravity.

My favourite bit was the juggling act, Feeding the Fish who were shiny and sparkly and brilliant, like human fireworks.

One thing that struck me during the show was just how out of touch I am with current tastes in intellectual totty. Loads of women I know bang on about the sexiness of Brain Cox, for instance, whom to me looks like the lovechild of Michael Gove and a large toadstool (even more perplexing is the heartthrob status of Benedict Cumberbatch, surely the secret spwan of Frankie Howerd and a golden retriever). I reckon you could make a passable Ben Goldacre realdoll out of a box of pepperami and some shredded wheat.