December 25th, 2011

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oh dear

Dr Who (the atheist Jesus) contains Narnia, Dents (those tree things from Lord of the Rings), Bill Bailey and an ecological message. I fear the imminent outpouring of geekwank and may have to runs screaming from the internet.
Gruffalo bluff-calling


I didn't mean to watch Dr Who. I meant to watch El Cid. I'd have enjoyed that as much as I enjoyed The Gruffalo's Child. The latter was more sophisticated than Dr Who.

I loved Dr Who when I was a kid. I didn't take to the Christopher Ecclestone one, because I didn't like the earth-centric family drama cheesy schmalz, and that has got worse with each series, as far as I can tell. I've only seen the Christmas ones and half the first one with Matt Smith.

Today's really irritated me. The same old shit about families and love saving the day, only this time with a bit of eco-bollocks, and bits derived from Middle Earth, Narnia and Oz. I don't like it because the Doctor is now a supernatural being, rather than a sci-fi hero. He's Santa-plus-Jesus. The really irritating bit was when he explained the eco bit to the Earth Mother (gag), starting off with some cod science and switching to something fluffy about souls for the stupid earth person, just as he'd implied that fairies come from another planet to one of the kids. And you can, apparently summon the Doctor Fairy just by wishing.

This irritates me because it's both lazy and arrogant. This series just rips off all the tired old Judeo-Christian-Pagan mash-up standard mythologies but gives them a cod scientific explanation. I am quite sure that threequarters of the audience at the Brian Cox thing I went to a couple of weeks ago are Dr Who watchers, and obviously the kind of geeks who loves snopes, myth-debunking and evangelical atheism. This way the smartarse atheists get all the same magic and codswallop as the godbotherers, but still get to sneer at the godbotherers because their mythological being back from the dead put a ludicrous scientific spin on it.

If that wasn't enough to switch off, it's the realisation that Who is worse than chicklit. At leat in chicklit the female lead gets her man in the end, unlike the bint in Who who can't act and was clearly cast for leg-flashing ability. I was left with a horrible vision of dozens of woefully unattractive geek men exasperating their girlfriends by declaring 'I can't commit or see you all the time because I'm like a timelord' *hand*staple*forehead*.