March 30th, 2012

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Is it possible to get through an entire day without wanting to punch somebody?

I know, I KNOW I haven't caught up with comments and things. I have been variously sleepy, grumpy, dopey and that missing dwarf, busy. I am still reading, though, and WILL catch up.

I also know that it isn't big or clever to make personal remarks about people, but on Tuesday I was very rude to a man queueing in front of me in Primark. His slightly plump wife was complaining that they didn't have the shorts she wanted in her size (14), they only had 18s and 20s left. He launched into a rant about why size 18 or 20 women would want to wear shorts and expose their flab, 'and what did they think they looked like' etc, etc. He alos pointed out to his wife that as she was 'small up top' she shouldn't draw attention to her bum. Now you might think from this degree of judgmentalism that he was a lithe, slim fit, dapper-dressed Adonis. Nope. He was seemingly muscle-free, enormously fat - 19 to 20 stone I'd guess - and wearing a teeshirt stretched uneasily over his substantial moobs and belly. And shorts.

The young girls standing behind me and I just rolled our eyes at each other. Then he started making an enormous fuss because their little boy had picked up a little rucksacky bag that was dusty pink and had a swirly design on it and asked if he could have it. The man made a HUGE FUSS about this being a girl's bag and how the child was a boy and couldn't have a girl's bag. He did this in a churlish, loud, angry way that garnered him a few more disapproving looks. To dissipate them a bit he looked around at the queue and said loudly, and more pleasantly, to the kid, 'Girls and boys are different. We don't want you getting confused, eh?"

I couldn't resist. I said, teacher-voicily, "Well, you could see how he MIGHT get confused, given his dad's boobs are SO much bigger than his mum's". His wife sniggered briefly, and he went very, very red and very, very quiet.