Rosamicula (rosamicula) wrote,


Idiot Chavant/e An imbecilic nonentity (usually 'discovered' via reality TV, manufactured pop bands or marriage to a footballer) taken up by the popular media and revered for their homespun ordinariness and lack of discernible talent, then dropped by them just as fast when they reveal they are a little too representative of the popular media audience and its mores; cf Jade Goody.

Snurr, Snurring A wheezy noise of contentment emitted by sleeping cats and women like me who are clearly far too genteel to do anything as coarse as snoring.

Inscrotability, Inscrotable When a speaker, blogger etc (often in the throes of losing an argument) believes they are being arcane, mysterious and impenetrably clever but the audience or readers are fully aware that that what is being said or written is total bollocks.
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