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Thank you for all the comments to the last entry and for providing poetry on demand. I might reply, but the toad work is now squatting on my life and making me get out of bed at an unspeakable 6.30am and keep having to sleep in what was formerly my LJ time.

In the meantime, a question - an exam in fact - for you. As Rosamicula's Academy is a selective school, there will be none of this multiple choice nonsense. You will have to write a proper answer in proper English prose. Marks will deducted for errors in grammar and punctuation and infelicities of expression.

This is an open book examination, and you are allowed to use calculators. For the purposes of this question pi is 3.142 and pie is hot, meaty and covered in gravy. You have as long as you can be bothered and write as much as you like.

1. Write an essay/sentence/cat macro on the following:

What is an examination?

Please define this term to the best of your ability. You may draw on common sense, personal experience and the wilder reaches of your imagination.
Tags: boredom, lovely flist, making the career choice, toadwork, wishing i was in bed, wishing i was in bed with you, work
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