Rosamicula (rosamicula) wrote,

oh I meant to write a theatre review

I am drunk at work. Hurray. Well, maybe not drunk, but at the very least squiffy. thank you for the encouraging comments on my last entry, dear friendslist. I love you all. I praobably am drunk. I am off to sara_lou's wedding tonight. Well, the wedding is tonight but Steer and I are staying in a farm for two nights. Steer is all very well but I am healthy now and all full of friskiness. I( probably need to have a torrid affair. I won't be putting a 'does anyone want to shag me poll on my LJ, though, as I am neither sad nor desperate nor so lacking in sexual confidence. Hmm. I wish I had more degrees of seperation from teh mingitude of ghastly losers.

Anyway, my libidinal urges aside, I am off to a wedding on af ex of Richard's called Sarah and thsi means I have to do a reading at the wedding. It is a tradition now. I am so looking forward to it. Weddings of lovely people are fabulous and I don't have pneumonia this time which is a real advatage.

Work is sort of alright today, perhapos duie to teh wine. Time for more or it now. have a lovely weekedn dear lovely friendslist.
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