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Is it just me...?

Sorry if you see this twice

Now I am clearly an acknowledged miserable curmudgeon and cold-hearted cynic and this naturally informs my views on everything in general and LJ in particular. One thing that has activated my squick reflex recently on LJ have been a number of posts on my F-list where the poster offers special thoughts to one individual about something sad that has happened to them. My thoughts on this are as follows:

a) the people in question probably don't have time to read LJ, given the serious nature of what has happened to them
b) if they do look at probably they wants a diversion or distraction, not further reminders of the issue in question
c) if the message is sincere and directed at one person it needs to go to that one person, not to be bandied about the net so any passing eejit can read it and have an inkling that something bad has happened to someone they do, thus treading all over the sufferer's privacy and sending the LJ equivalent of rubberneckers over to their journal
d) putting it out in public smacks of 'look what a lovely caring person I am' and seems to be all about the poster, not about actually giving anything more than token comfort or care to the supposed object of the post*.

I know that it is entirely up to individuals how they choose to use their own LJs, but I wondered if anyone else shares this view, or if most people think I am being far too harsh. I suspect my customary intolerance for gratuitous and vicarous public emoting has been ratcheted up by a weekend of gratuitous and vicarious emoting about Saint Diana. The fact that these have been feebly disguised as 'what did the nation/royal family learn from her tragic death'. Clearly what it didn't learn is that is that you really shouldn't get in a fast car driven by a drunk if you are too stupid to do up your seatbelt and don't eat enough pies to have any lard to insulate you against the impact of a crash.

*NB L please note I know this doesn't apply to you!
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