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Oh alright. I was having you on.

steer and I have indeed broken up, but not, alas, for the reason I gave earlier, which would have been great fun and made much better LJ. This is, I stress, a no shame, no blame, drama-free break up. After more than two years together the sexual fire had inevitably faded but without any compensatory deepening of emotional attachment, only an increasing irritation with each other's differences and foibles. We decided, in a mutual, regretful, 'you blink first' sort of way, to throw in the towel before irritation deepened to antagonism.

steer has been an unfailingly generous and good natured companion to me and, during the dark days of my illness, was at times deeply caring and supportive. I have also had my life immeasurably enriched by the good friends, in York and elsewhere, that I have made as a result of knowing him. I have nothing but good wishes for him. I don't really hold with staying friends with exes, but I will give it a try and at the least we shall certainly be amicable aquaintances. I looke forward to thrashing him at Scrabble when he finally gets round to joining Facebook.
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