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sickening for something

Illocence The state of non-culpability claimed by those who use their illness, disability or condition to bail out of commitments and responsibilities or excuse bad behaviour. This is almost never encountered among the genuinely ill or those with certified conditions, but very common among those who have self-diagnosed - with the aid of internet - conditions they think would suit them. They make comments such as 'It's not my fault I'm smelly and bloody rude, it's my Arsepurgers Syndrome' or 'Of course I can't do the work my boss has asked me to do, I have to spend all day on the internet looking at lolcatz because of my PolySpastic Hoovering Syndrome' or 'I can't walk to the pie shop, you'll have to go for me because my Chronic Fatandlazy Syndrome is making my knees hurt'.

Illocence is at most pernicious when patronisingly applied to those who are prepared to take responsibility for their motivations and actions. When someone says to you "I think you are partying and sleeping around because you are unhappy right now and seeking validation' and you reply 'I am partying and sleeping around right now because I like booze/cock/men etc', you are effectively rejecting an invitation to the Victim Sisterhood and they will look at you like you just shat on their wedding dress.

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Tags: i hate the 21stcentury, neologisms
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