Rosamicula (rosamicula) wrote,

square eyes

One of my resolutions was to watch more movies. I am currently watching Ridley Scott's Kingdom of Heaven except of course I am not watching it because I got bored and came to pootle on LJ instead. It is like watching a very long, pretty, bloodthirsty Turkish Delight advert. Orlando Bloom just doesn't cut it as the heroic lead and seems to have put his charisma back in the dressing up box with his blonde wig and pointy ears.

I have also watched all six episodes of Angels in America which is three episodes more than I wished I had. It has some brilliant set pieces, breathtaking performances from Jeffery Wright and Al Pacino and outstanding ones from everyone else wringing very last drop of value out of fine script. It looks great, though it really doesn't look the eighties as it is supposed to be. But it is overlong and, in places, horribly overblown to no good effect.

I am poorly today and have a very bad stomach (though I really don't have novovirus). It is going to be a very quiet weekend.
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