Rosamicula (rosamicula) wrote,

I bring not peace but a word

Squorn The contempt felt by carnivores for the feeble and generally disgusting meat substitues consumed by vegetarians. There is a whole special level of squorn for those greasy, flavourless products endorsed by the dead wife of a Beatle.

Frighteous Indignation The fuss made by goths etc if you take the micky out of their sartorial ineptitude.

Eco Worrier Middle class new puritan who angsts endlessly and vociferously about their carbon footprint and sanctmoniously harries you about tjhe cheap flights, bargain imported boozes and cheering purchases of disposable tat that make your otherwise miserable life bearable. They make you feel you would rather pour petrol and toxic waste directly into becks filled with frolicking otters than live on a planet ruled by people like them.

Indignition The sudden appalled sound a clapped out car will make when it finally kicks into life after several, protracted attempts to get it to do this. When this happens each morning to my neighbour's car it makes a sound that is a combination of the way a child wails when the ice cream slides off the cone it's just bought and the affronted shriek of a PG Wodehouse aunt who has just been goosed by a moustachioed continental.
Tags: neologism
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