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Gruffalo Bluffalo (a GAMAPIP)*

Now if someone lovely and thoughtful and creative created YOU an icon, Gentle Reader, that reflected a VERY OBVIOUS and UNDENIABLE aspect of your personality and appearance, then you, as a self-aware and courteous person would use it, would you not? To discard it unused would be churlish and altogether stropsome, I feel.

I have in the past been compared to the creature in the icon who is a mythical creature of great charm that protects lovely tiny mice from their enemies. Small children love the Gruffalo as much as I loved Bagpuss. Gruffalos rock. They rock quietly in the woods.

Tonight I cooked dinner for foxy76 and thirsty_pixel and inbetween_girl, then kissmeforlonger joined us for dessert. I made posh foo yung (that's scrambled egg to you) topped with fresh scallops and prawns flavoured with lime, honey and sesame oil on a bed of rocket. I like the way rocket is still good in the mouth if it is wilted by having something hot plonked on it. Then I made baked salmon with two sauces: a chunky creamy and garlicky mushroom one and a lightly spicy tomato and red pepper tangy one, served with warm potato salad with greek yoghurt and coriander and steamed mange-tout and baby corn.

These were good but the best was the dessert which was the Next Generation of the one I made at ayrton_nix's lovely house yesterday: Uncle Winnie's berry, port and vanilla gateau, filled with dark chocolate cream and topped with white chocolate ganache decorated with fresh berries and white chocolate strawberry champagne truffles and drizzled with bitter chocolate. The berries were raspberries, blueberries and blackberries which I gently poached in port and added to what was basically a souped up victoria sponge, so the texture was very light, fruity and moist. I made a jelly with the fuity port juice and a tin of black cherries and we will have that tomorrow. I am becoming slightly obsessed with making jellies. Slightly hazy camera phone picture of cake:

Otherly, can a fat puppy do the goth paw-staple-forehead manoeuvre or would their jiggly little belly get in the way?

*gratuitous and mocking and provoking icon post
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