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the mating song of the battered ancient sex carp

Sorry, gentle f-list, for the tedious in-jokeyness of this entry.

Now, to the tune of highly appropriate eighties sleaze anthem Sex Dwarf. I (with the help of sarcasutick whose contribution I mostly had to censor) I give you

Sex Carp

They are like ancient battered carp lurking in the murky pond of goth waiting to snap their opportunistic jaws on whatever pasty morsels sink to the bottom

I try to be nice
But I smell of old spice
And I lure dim goth dollies
To a life of vice
I could make a film
And make you my star
It's almost unnatural
How you spill
Over that bra
I really like you after
Several pints of beer
I'll even try and hit on you
Though I know you're queer
We've not got much attraction
But I've got awesome pulling power
Come here little doggy
Feel the power of the sex carp
You look a bit like Nemi
After fifteen ales
I've already got a semi
And my sweettalk never fails
When we hit the floor
You just watch them move aside
Our dancing just solicits
Comments that are snide
They all love your
Corset-spilling ways
You know what they say
About old goths

Sex carp
They're such a mess
Trying to pull goth chicks
With their gormlessness

I miss my type R
It was sooo fast
But dadmobiles are better
For the size of your arse
I'll be your dumb chauffeur
Looking to procure
Run little doggy
Lure a portly gothchick
Swim my battered sex carp
Polyperv feels so lonely
Gets his little camera
Takes a scary picture
Of sex carps
In a shabby venue
Leering at girls who look atrocious

We all wear the same outfit
Us attered ancient sex carp
It's black and old and grubby
So you can't tell we are chubby
We'll all look so good
We'll knock 'em cold
Knocking 'em cold
In black and mould

We can have playtime
In Slimelight's yellow toilets
A scary gothic dolly
And a battered sex carp
Slthering on a stained sofa
I like the way you wear a long black sack
I like the way you pull the hair on my back

Sex carp
They make you think 'Bless'
Failing to pull goth chicks
With their gormlessness
Tags: goth-baiting
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