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Escape from Alcotrash The profound feeling of relief to be experienced on walking out of any provincial Wetherspoons pub, especially the one in Croydon.

Nightmayor on Emo St Fuss made by lefty types at the election of Boris Johnson to the position of Mayor of London, especially of the 'London survived the Blitz and 7/7; it will be able to cope with Boris' variety. Much of their gloom is predicated on the fact that, due to the presidential posturing and propagandising of the previous incumbent, they hugely overestimate the actual power of the mayor. And much of the gloom is actually false, because whining about the failings of a Tory leader, albeit a local one, will distract them from having to consider the endless incompetence and treachery of their own side (for the short time it remains in power).

Shitler Youth Fat, bone-idle, munting, binge-drinking white British louts who are crippled by an entirely spurious sense of entitlement/superiority and who blame immigration for the fact that they haven't got a job/girlfriend/fucking clue etc. Things to say to an inbred, pie-bloated Shitler Youth practising his 'let's scare the other three passengers with our scariness' Nazi salute on the train: 'That would look so much better if you didn't have bingo wings'.

Promiscutie, Promiscutieous The act of shagging around - but only with really attractive people, as in "No. I am not poly. I am just a slut. But I'm not going to sleep with you".
Tags: neology
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