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the path of least resistance beckons

I am back from Cologne. I REALLY wish I wasn't. I have two big posts pending (oh lucky, lucky you). One is about Germany and the other is about identity, race and uncomfortable home truths.

In the meantime I have fallen in love. With a song. Trouble is I don't know what it is called or who it is by. They played it at the club I went to on Friday night (Essig-Fabrik) and again and the after-party on Saturday.

It is electronic, quite bouncy but with a whimsical melancholic quality to it and has repeated lines including:

your girlfriends's girlfriend(s)
choose your weapons
the second day

and a reference to a girl slipping into a uniform. I have a hunch the version I heard at the weekend was sampled and used for a trancier dance track a couple of years ago.

The vocalist is male and I am guessing Germanic or Scandiwegian though he sings this song in English.

I MUST have it? Any ideas lovely techno/muso/bleepy people? Or friends thereof? I am leaving this post public so you can point people who might know what it is at it if you are kind enough to do so.
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