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Elephant & Castle goes Tuscan

I've been up since half past 4.30. Normally if I wake that early I walk down to Westminster Bridge and gloat over the quietness of the city, especially at weekends. But today I made bread.

There is something thoroughly satisfying about kneading bread and watching the sun clear the smog over St Paul's. And now my flat smells like Italy (I made a ciabatta-style bread with black olives and garlic).

It's only 8.00am and I already have two enormous loaves and a small (blueberry and cinnamon) cake to show for my efforts, and I feel happily productive. It is so satisfying to do something with an immediate, tangible result.

I think I need to bake more bread, and spend less time whinging morbidly about the past on livejournal.
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