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things can only get better

In 1997 I didn't vote Labour, even though I knew Labour would - and should - get in. I voted Tory, in common with many Cardiff voters, including lifelong Labour supporters, as a single-issue vote against Labour's plans for devolution (I 'd be opposed to anything that was the opposite of evolution*). But I wanted Labour to get in. It was time for change.

I've said previously that if I was a USian I'd vote for McCain. I wouldn't; I like playing devil's advocate but not fool's apologist. So I'd vote for Obama, even though he might be no better than Blair with a tan.

* When kids challenge me about my atheism/belief in the theory of evolution they always ask if I think I was descended from monkeys. I have taken to saying 'Yes! I am descended from millions of really smart simians and clever homo sapiens. You are apparently descended from two idiots who couldn't follow simple instructions and a bunch of people who slept with their close relatives to populate the earth.'
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