Rosamicula (rosamicula) wrote,

more verbal

Gothadile A lanky long-haired male goth whose person emits a vague miasma of the riverbed.*

Gothapotamous Prey/girlfriend of a gothadile.

Oneone A really posh meme.

Monstrous Vegiment* Vociferous denizens of a certain online community for women. They are characterised by self-righteous, cod-empowering, neurosis-validating outbursts of pseudo-femo-eco-drivel, invariably accompanied by a relentless lack of humour and the assumption that playing the victim is a get-out-of-reasoned-debate-free card. One always has to fight the temptation to respond to their sanctimony with, 'You seem a bit cheerless! Have you ever thought that a decent bottle of inorganic plonk, a bloody steak and some vigorous bumsex with Jeremy Clarkson would liven you up a bit?'

* Not to be confused with a battered, ancient sex carp.
**See earlier phrase 'Monstrous Regiment'
Tags: goth-baiting, neology, savemefromthesisterhood
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