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thou shalt not suffer a witch to get away with mealy-mouthed self justification and craven self-pity

Dear Ms Dorries

I do not write to you - as so many surely have - because I which to express my contempt for your recent comments to the press regarding the suffering supposedly being endured by those MPs and peers whose mercenary exploitation of their parliamentary privilege has been exposed by The Telegraph. I write because I am an English teacher, and because I wish challenge your inaccurate, manipulative use of the term 'witchhunt' to depict as martyrs those MPs currently under scrutiny by the press.

The present use of the term 'witchhunt' is predicated on the fact that there are no witches. The original European witchhunts of the sixteenth and seventeeth centuries involved the pursuit and persecution of thousands of innocent women and men and were fuelled by religious mania, political expediency and local prejudice. This was mirrored in America in the 1950s when the term was used to describe the hounding and harrassment of innocent Americans. There were no reds under the bed.

If you have claimed reimbursment for a cauldron large enough to double up as a duck pond and fillets of fenny snake to chuck into it; if the only thing that stops your complacent buttocks from settling ever more firmly into your safe seat is the broomstick protruding from your undergarments; if the only thing preventing your long, green, warty nose from digging ever deeper into the trough of taxpayers' cash is the fact that the brim of your pointy hat gets in the way, then you ARE a witch and the accepted, metaphorical use of the term 'witchhunt' is not appropriate.

Perhaps your disregard for linguistic and historical accuracy is merely due to a poor education. Many of your peers - be they trades unionist or old Etonians - seem to have been taught maths so badly they have made innocent errors amounting to several thousands pounds in their mortgage interest claims. Even poor education cannot account for those who have claimed for mortgages long paid off or 'homes' they do not live in. Perhaps they - and you - are delusional. Only serious mental illness could justify the replacement of your delusions of grandeur and entitlement with the delusion that you and your cronies are victims.

You should count yourself lucky that 'witchhunt' is merely a metaphor. Were it not, voters like myself would be cheerfully carting their recycling and other flammable materials down to Westminster green to build bonfires; many many bonfires. You are fortunate that you will not suffer torture at the stake, merely humiliation at the ballot box, and the prospect that you will not be able to take up a post-parliamentary career in any field where integrity and maturity are prerequisites.

Yours sincerely

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