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voca me cum benedictis

Just been to the Royal Festival Hall with Northern Bint and her sister-out-law to hear the Gabrieli Consort perform Bieber's Requiem and Mozart's Requiem. A perfect pairing, as the Beiber is a beautiful, delicate, but deeply conventional requiem, so hearing it first heightened the originality, the sheer magnificence of the Mozart. The accoustics in the RFH are superb and we were sitting in the cheap seats at the back so we the sense of the sound rolling towards and over us was amazing. I was aware at one point that I was listening with my whole body; even my hair was listening.

I must have listened to my recordings of that requiem a 100 times but there were so many things that were knew to me in it - the crispness of the individual voices which seem to merge in the recording, the amen which I had never consciously heard before, and then the reverberation at the end of each movement, as though the music which had just been completed still haunted the auditorium.

The three lines of the kyrie eleison (Lordy have mercy on us) is, in the Beiber, as in most settings, is a slight and very sombre plea. In the Mozart is builds and sweeps with all the voices and even tympany into the most amazing and passionately desperate demand. It made me wonder what it would be like to actually believe in what was being sung, believe that you were speaking to God on behalf of the dead, and to hear it somewhere like Chartres Cathedral. If it was just a question of loving candles, requiems, latin and choirboys I'd probably be the next Pope.....
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