Rosamicula (rosamicula) wrote,

the Parrot of Absurdity strikes again

My timetable means I get a lie-in on Friday mornings. Last Friday I woke up boiling becaue Gavalu is weak and feels the cold and keeps turning the heating on and closing the windows. So it is his fault entirely that I was so hot I didn't bother to put my dressing gown on. He also keeps buying cheap cat food, so it is also his fault that I felt obliged to feed the cats a tin of my own fancy M&S tuna in springwater. But it is my fault that I put the radio on really loud in the kitchen...

I spooned the tuna onto the existing dry pellet cat food in the cat bowl and it looked so good that I spooned back a mouthful from the top, that hadn't come into contact with either bowl or pellets, and ate it. So when the postman knocked and didn't get an answer, he took a couple of steps to his right and looked through the kitchen window, to see me, stark naked and seemingly eating cat food straight from the bowl... whilst loudly singing "I am a teenage dirtbag, baby".

He ran away with my parcel or whatever it was....
Tags: the parrot of absurdity
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