Rosamicula (rosamicula) wrote,

a great face for radio

Following on from the riot blog, I was interviewed by the lovely Eddie Mair for IPM last Saturday. This was a much more edifying experience than the Channel Four debate. In fact, it was almost an exact reversal, as I got to talk about my views and experiences at some length and they kindly edited out all the bits where I sounded like a nutter. I couldn't bring myself to listen to the actual broadcast on Saturday, but perfectlyvague and wardytron and steer's mum all listened live and reported back favourably. When I did play it back I was struck by the fact that I probably wouldn't have recognised my own voice; I sound much younger than I am, and much sort of gentler than I do in real life. It's here on the BBC iPlayer. I am about 12 minutes in and the interview lasts about ten minutes. NB for some reason my paragraph breaks aren't showing up in this entry. Crappy LJ. ETA link should work now.
Tags: meedjya bollocks, radio 4, shameless self promotion
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