Rosamicula (rosamicula) wrote,

National Poetry Day

I like this simple, lovely poem. I think it needs a wider audience.

For the Child Who Became Christopher

May you come safe
and flawless

May they gaze in awe
at your small creased wrists
and marvel
at your perfect breath
and ordinariness

May they gurgle at you
and drool gratitude

May your gaze and grip
reassure them

May your limbs
be proper and deft
your crawl furious
your falls neat

May your most frightening dark
be in stories
the deepest thunder
over the hills yonder

May no one fence you round
with their own hopes
or shawl you in their dreams

May your teachers learn
from your crazes
and amazements

May your friends
be a bridge to cross over
in any weather

May you have without too much wanting
and want without too much need

May there be sacred places
for you to return to

May stones fall short
and only low branches break
and swings miss you
on the way back

Roger Hull
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