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Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings...

A lad came to my staffroom today looking for a lecturer called Sarah, as he had a friend's essay to hand in. There are four Sarahs in my dept (and those of you who know my real name will know I am not one of them).

There was some confusion over which Sarah he wanted, and eventually a colleague asked him if he had any idea what she looked like. He replied "she's buff, she's got long dark hair". This was still no help, so he was asked how old she was. "Bout 25". Then he spotted the woman he was looking for - you've guessed it folks - he'd got the name wrong. He meant me! 25! 25! twenty-fucking-five!!!

Obviously I'm much younger than my near-contemporaries Minusbat and Stickette, but even at my MOST duplicitous I would never have said 25...
Tags: vanity
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