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the wages of sin is comments

N.B. Most of the entries on this journal are friends-locked.

You are a viciously delightful start to the day. thirstypixel
Up with this sort of thing. vertigoranger
You are quite deliciously awful. uitlander
A quiet weekend from rosamicula? Time to start my internet business WarmScarvesForDemons.com trampledamage
Lady Janey Howitzer - keeper of the big guns, arbiter of common sense, scourge of the sisters of perpetual sanctimony, corrupter of beautiful east european boys, Keith Allen's long-lost sister, and general all round good egg...you are clearly very tired and emotional at the moment. the_omega_man
Creating infidels, one man at a time moral_vacuum
And I still maintain that you're an unstoppable dancing machine. andyravensable
Only on this journal could a post about medicine branch off into the statistics of carpet bombing in WWII. randomstring
After all, you are the High Priestess of Impossibly Good Things! fudebusho
Someone should erect a statue of you in central London. I personally would marshall squads of unemployed youths to rearrange the bouquets at its base, and keep it free of pigeon goo. missfairchild
There should be some sort of blue plaque on your journal or something - not that you've been dead for 50 years, but you know what I mean. perfectlyvague
You have a rare talent and you gloat divinely steer
Good God, woman, you're gorgeous when your dander is up. moral_vacuum
You're up there with Lemmy, Clint Eastwood and Ray Mears in my estimation. speedmedalsteve
You are the only person I know who would go out with a man just to teach him a lesson. minusbat
You are a lucid, voluptuous, thrilling woman, sharp and powerful, a force of nature, a dark and unctuous aria, a unique star in the firmament, a blessing to the world. chiller
Covetress! Chromosome fetishist! Proponent of ethically thorny sciences!. vertigoranger
I'm quite convinced that it would be an excellent idea for you to write a book. kharin
Tea-coloured agent of chaos and harbinger of doom. steer
I'd go so far as to say you are THE Drama Queen. verlaine
You have a tongue lined with razors. ladycat
It's the perfect combination of Evil and Justice. It's like you in a bottle. mister_jack
I vote that the 4th corner of Trafalgar Square has a statue of you on it, you're a bloody heroine. sarah_mum

"He seems unpleasant," said Philip sharply.
"Yes, doesn't he?" Mr. Norman was bland. "It's very strange how unsympathetic people seem when described by a good friend. But of course in life all the unpleasant characteristics are blended in such a way that, to the friend at least, the result is most agreeable. To an outsider, Ayre must seem a monster. His reputation is not only frightful, it's frightening. Yet I find him one of the dearest people in the world."
(Gore Vidal, The Judgement of Paris)

It was as though, at the age of thirty-five, having refused to grow any older, she had pickled herself, both mentally and physically, ignoring the fact that the world was changing and that she was withering fast.
(Nancy Mitford The Pursuit of Love)

His strongest tastes were negative. He abhorred plastics, Picasso, sunbathing and jazz - everything in fact that had happened in his own lifetime. (Evelyn Waugh The Ordeal of Gilbert Penfold)

I hate the sheer mediocrity of existence, its tendency to drown all that seems to matter in the tawdry and trivial. I hate the dull, the grey, the mechanical and the homogenous and all the other things that characterise modern life. I hate my own inability to find time for things that seem important and stand against this and the exhaustion with which I sleepwalk through it all. I hate my own wearied resignation in the face of this. But above all I hate myself for allowing any of these things to make the impression on me that they do. I can't disassociate myself from these things. Nor are they trivial. But I can at least say that I am better than them and I won't give in to them.

My holy of holies is the human body, health, intelligence, talent, inspiration, love and the most absolute freedom - freedom from violence and lying, whatever the forms they may take. (Anton Checkhov)

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